My Son Amogh Batve is receiving orthodontic treatment by Dr Aditya Narnoly since 6 months.I am very satisfied with his detailed explanation, guidance and treatment procedure.
Dr Narnoly has latest equipment and maintain highest degree of hygiene in the clinic, which is a very crucial aspect for a dental clinic. The Location of the clinic is very conducive as it allows ample space for car parking.
"" I wish Dr. Narnoly all the best for his future endevours.""

S. S Batwe, AGM, Mecon, Ranchi

Dr. Aditya and his team provide utmost care and pain free treatment. I was very skeptical before getting my root canal treatment, but here in Narnolys complete dental care all my anxiety was resolved. I wish him and his team all the very best.

Raj kishan, Airtel, Ranchi

Dr Aditya and Dr Disha Narnoly are wonderful personalities, Dr Disha being a pedodontist takes good care of my 6 yr old and Dr Aditya has treated me and my husband, its like a complete family dental clinic. They have made a beautiful clinic. Thank you Doctors.

Isha Agarwal,HomeMaker, Ranchi

Dr. Aditya effortlessly does his work to give the best treatment to his patients. I visited his clinic for two RCTs and have had no problems since .In my opinion, Narnoly's Complete Dental Care is the upcoming best dental clinic in Ranchi.

Dr Madan Prasad,Bariatu, Ranchi
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