Scaling and Polishing

Scaling and Polishing

Scaling and polishing are what we all need every six months. Getting your teeth checked and cleaned by a professional dentist is an important part of your oral hygiene routine. Besides keeping your gums and teeth healthy, your dentist can also detect problems such as gum disease or cavities, and rectify them before they worsen. Narnoly’s Complete Dental Care is a Multi-Specialty Dental Clinic and Implant Centre, in Kanke Road, Ranchi where we offer the best Scaling and polishing procedure. The doctors of this clinic specialize in various other specialty dental treatments of World-class quality and at the most reasonable and affordable price.

The cleaning routine basically involves two procedures: scaling and polishing.


As we eat and drink, food and bacteria may accumulate in our teeth, which eventually becomes dental plaque. Over time, the dental plaque may calcify and harden to form calculus synonymous with tartar. While regular brushing and flossing may remove some plaque, they cannot remove tartar. It will have to be removed by a dentist via procedure called scaling.

Scaling involves the use of a specialized instrument to loosen and remove plaque and tartar without damaging your gums and teeth.


Usually done after scaling, polishing removes surface stains while making your teeth smooth and bright. At Narnoly’s Complete Dental Care, Ranchi we use other instruments, along with a special paste, to polish your teeth.

Depending on your oral health, you may need to get your teeth cleaned every six months. If you are due for your regular cleaning, you can contact us for any kind of inquiry or make an appointment.

What happens:

  • Our specialist dentists at Narnoly’s Complete Dental care will use hand and electric scrapers to get all-around your mouth to those hard to reach places and make sure your teeth are completely
  • For polishing, our hygienist will use a rotating brush or rubber polisher with a special
  • Scaling cleans above and below the gum line. If you have gum disease, you may also need deeper scaling, around the roots of the teeth, this is called ‘root planing’. You may require a local anesthetic for

Benefits: If your gums bleed when you brush you may have early gum disease. Regular scaling helps to stop the disease from getting worse, and it helps to eliminate the disease by thorough cleaning at home.

Bad breath is often caused by gum disease. Our professional dentists at Narnoly’s complete dental care in Ranchi will also suggest you about the best way to clean your teeth and gums thoroughly at home.

Our Dental Specialists of Narnoly’s Complete Dental care are dedicated to provide best dental treatment in Ranchi which is considered as World Class Quality treatment to our patients, with personal attention, and care.