Mouth Ulcer

Almost everybody has faced a mouth ulcer at one time.  They are painful and can make basic problems while eating or even talking which is uncomfortable. While ulcers are usually not a very serious issue, if left untreated, you may find that they become far more common and irritating.

What are mouth ulcers?

A mouth ulcer or an oral ulcer is basically found on the mucous membrane of the mouth. Oral Ulcers can be caused by mechanical, thermal or chemical or dental trauma to the oral cavity, Infection which can be the  reason for restricted mouth opening.

There are many different ways that these ulcers can arise, ranging from injury right through to a nutrient deficiency. Some people may find that they are more predisposed towards them, especially if they are heavy smokers or drinkers. On the other side of the coin, irritations from the likes of ill-fitting dentures can continually rub against the mucosal membrane, tearing it and creating a frequently occurring ulcer in the same area. It’s therefore important to make sure that any dental crowns and fillings are well-fitted and comfortable. A mouth ulcer will heal on its own – usually within a period of about two weeks.

With so many possible causes for mouth ulcers, don’t ignore them. If you have had one for more than three weeks, make an appointment at our dental clinic in Ranchi so we can examine it. We welcome you to give us a call if you ever have questions about your oral health. Our dentists are the best dentist in Ranchi and treat patients of all ages. If you are having an emergency need, our dentists are here for you.

How to treat and avoid mouth Ulcer

In many cases, a mouth ulcer will heal on its own – usually within a period of about two weeks. During this time, it’s very important to maintain high levels of dental hygiene. This can be difficult if the movement of your toothbrush is causing you pain, but it’s imperative to avoid any infection or bacteria buildup. If you see that it hasn’t gone away in this timeframe, or is exceptionally painful, the best thing to do is book an appointment with our dentist immediately.

To decrease the pain of an ulcer, you have different kind of tools. Gargling with warm, salt water is a classic remedy that you can do at home, and there are also several specialized gels that provide a local aesthetic to the area of ulcer. For more information on maintaining good oral hygiene, get in touch with Narnoly’s complete dental care located at Kanke road,  Ranchi.

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