Mouth Breathing and its effects on Oral health

Mouth Breathing

Breathing out of one’s mouth may not appear to a great issue while snoring and during cough & cold, but with reference to oral health and facial growth in children; mouth breathing can produce few issues for your dentist worth worrying about.

Breathing from mouth is generally caused by chronic nasal obstruction (CNO) also it is a delirious habit.  Mouth breathing can quickly dry the mouth and decrease saliva production. Saliva is necessary for neutralizing acid and helping to clear away bacteria and without it the possibility of tooth decay and cavity rises. Mouth breathing is a habit during childhood, produces two significant problems –  Deep Pallet & Forwardly placed teeth (pro-clined teeth).

Signs and Symptoms

It’s necessary to mention some of the signs and symptoms of this serious habit since many people who are used to breathing from mouths, do not even realize the threats while doing so but only later when they develop some serious issues. Some general signs and symptoms of mouth breathing include:

  • Dry lips
  • Mal-aligned teeth
  • Snoring and open mouth while sleeping
  • Vulnerability to airway infections including sinus, ear, colds
  • Chronic bad breath

If you’re experiencing any of these issues or if you know you are a mouth breather, do not ignore it. Narnoly’s clinic in Ranchi can solve this issue, so get in touch with us. Our dentists are skilled with usage of integrated technology and solve your issue of mouth breathing.

Breathing from the mouth is generally resulted from chronic nasal obstruction (CNO). When your body can’t get enough oxygen by breathing through your nose, it shifts to the only other organ that can supply your body with the oxygen it needs – your mouth.

This may lead to many oral health problems. Mouth breathing can quickly dry out the mouth and decrease saliva production. Saliva is extremely important for neutralizing acid and helping to wash away bacteria, without it, the chance of tooth decay and cavities rises. A dry mouth can also lead to bad breath and other serious concerns.

Dry mouth is one of the causes of gum disease, a dangerous oral health problem that can give rise to health issues throughout your body including stroke, heart disease, and heart attacks. In children, breathing from the mouth can also cause lack of proper sleep, lower oxygen level in the blood, and facial malformations.

Since humans are drawn to breathe through their noses, when they try to breathe out of their mouths, their feature gets affected in order to keep the airway open. This may cause developmental problems, especially in children who are exposed to mouth breathing. When a child is breathing from his or her mouth, they possibly won’t recognise an issue to be a problem as they are used to it. But, if left unidentified and unattended, the face might begin to grow long and narrow, the nose can become flat and the nostrils small, and the lips can be thin on top and quite pouty on the bottom. This, in addition to the other negative impact upon oral health, shows that mouth breathing can influence entirely the complete body thus it must be treated as early as possible.

At our renowned dental clinic in Ranchi, our dentists in Ranchi are skilled thoroughly for the signs and symptoms of mouth breathing and are often the first to notice a possible problem. If we detect mouth breathing at an early stage, we can decide its cause and how to solve it so as to avert other problems later on.