Effects of Smoking on Dental Health

Effects of Smoking on Dental Health

Smoking is injurious to health is a well-known fact among the masses. Yet the effect it has on human health isn’t widely discussed. Except for addiction, inhalation of harmful amounts of nicotine and cancer, it causes many other ill effects on our overall health. One of them is poor dental health.

Smoking stains your teeth and is an apparent side-effect. Your teeth turn yellow because of the presence of tar and nicotine in cigarettes. This effect is noticeable in a short time. Long time smokers often complain about brown teeth, caused by cigarettes staining their teeth.

The next obvious effect is bad breath, also known, in medical terms, as halitosis. It makes it hard for other people to even stand close to smokers. Though many smokers use mouthwash or mints, bad breath is evident with continuous smoking.

Smoking is also a cause for gum infections in smokers. These gum diseases are caused by bacterial plaque. Smoking also reduces the amount of oxygen present in the mouth. Hence, the gums affected by the plaque don’t heal naturally. The lack of oxygen makes it worse for smokers than non smokers as the chance of healing is reduced. Gum infections lead to tooth loss, common among adults.

Chronic smoking can cause oral cancer in the mouth, tongue, throat and lips due to the presence of tobacco in cigarettes. These oral issues are more likely to increase with prolonged use of tobacco in terms of both time, frequency and quantity

Continuous smoking also gives way to plaque and tartar buildup on the teeth, loss of bone within the jaw, salivary gland openings inflammation on the roof of the mouth and high risk of leukoplakia, where thick, white or gray patches are formed. Dental implants and healing process becomes difficult with smokers, making it worse by not treating these issues properly.

These problems can be dealt with our proper dental care at Narnoly dental clinic. The best dentists in Ranchi have a few recommendations and guidelines which can help you reduce or cease the habit of smoking.

Visiting our orthodontist in Ranchi regularly is important to keep your teeth clean and healthy. At  our complete dental care in Ranchi our dentists check your teeth, throat, gums and lips for any signs of trouble, thereby helping with early identification of dental problems.

But the best remedy is to quit smoking because continuous smoking will cause issues, regardless of prevention methods taken. You can contact our dental care in Ranchi, we will help you stop smoking, or at the very least, to reduce it to a minimum. Nevertheless, quitting smoking is the cure for your dental problems also will keep your general health a check.