Dental Crowns – About and Beyond

Dental Crowns

Are you worried about your yellow or totally stained tooth? Do you have a weak tooth / Root Canal treated tooth that needs support? Ranchi city’ s best dentists, at Narnoly’s Complete Dental Care may recommend a dental crown treatment for your teeth.

A dental crown is similar to a cap that encircles a tooth, restores it to its normal shape and size, or covers a discolored or badly shaped tooth. A crown is also placed on top of a Root canal treated tooth or an implant to provide the look of a natural tooth.

If you need a dental crown, you may have some questions. In this blog, we’ll walk you through answers to some of those questions we hear from patients most often about dental crowns.

Your dental crown treatment will take only two visits to our dental clinic. For your first appointment, our dentist will make sure your teeth and gums are strong and healthy enough for the treatment. Then our specialized dentists prepare your tooth for the crown by trimming it to the desired size and shape followed by, creating a mold of your teeth for a customized crown. In few cases, We will place a temporary dental crown after we prepare your tooth. During the next visit to our clinic, your customized crown will be fitted and our dentist will make sure it fits comfortably and we will bond it to the tooth.

Types of Dental Crowns Dental crowns can be shaped from a variety of materials each with their own benefits, including:

  1. Metal– These crowns can be used for the out- of -sight, However, more wearing of opposing molars occur when these crowns are used.
  2. Porcelain-fused to metal – This crown provides both strengths ( due to metal) and esthetics ( due to porcelain) which make them ideal crowns for every tooth, be it front or back. It gives a more natural look along with durability. However, in the long run, there are chances of the porcelain fused to metal part to chip off, which will not be esthetically
  3. Ceramic — These are premium all-ceramic crowns, with no underlying metal. They give superior esthetics and are very strong, as they can withstand the biting and chewing forces almost similar to that of a natural The appearance and shade of these crowns is almost a mirror image of your original tooth.

Dental crowns can be used in the following cases –

  1. To protect a weak tooth from
  2. To restore an already broken
  3. To cover severely discolored
  4. To cover a dental
  5. For a Smile makeover, if you want to enhance your

At Narnoly’s Complete Dental Care, Ranchi, our dentists are dedicated to help patients maintain their healthiest smiles. We offer our patients, flawless-looking dental crowns even for those cases that are difficult to match. In our dental clinic, patients are comfortable throughout the treatment process, and they leave the clinic with a natural, healthy smile. If you wish to know more about dental crowns or any of our other dental services, call to schedule an appointment at Narnoly’s Complete Dental Care today. We look forward to help you fully restore your beautiful smile.